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Technology and Software

Holistic applications built with modern technologies

Technology and Software

We start with our customers’ ideas. On this basis, we work out project goals, define suitable technologies and develop intuitive user interfaces that transform a vision into a successful solution.

Custom Software

Legacy Software

Support and Modernization

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Our software services in detail


Java & .Net Development

Java & .Net Development

Development of holistic web applications in the Java/JEE and .NET environment, modern web applications with Angular, React, Vue.js, and Java Microservices with Spring in a containerised CI/CD environment.

We have extensive know-how in the Java environment – front and backend development, application servers, and databases, that let us develop bespoke software solutions and re-engineer your web applications.


Web, Mobile & Cloud

Web, Mobile & Cloud

Development of mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows – web-based as well as native, our team is able to provide end-to-end service, starting from the requirements and specification gathering, going through mock-up designs to visualize our ideas, through engineering, development, testing, and continuous support.

Cloud application development and migration have been part of each sustainable digital transformation project. Together we help our clients grow by providing scalable, effective, and secure cloud-based solutions that optimize organizations’ workflow.


Software Architecture

Software Architecture

No matter if it is a small, mid-sized, or enterprise company, our experienced software architects can design an architecture to offer stability, security, and resilience. An architecture that fits best our customers’ needs in terms of platforms, tools, structure, and technical standards.




“Work smart not hard” people say and we do agree. Our customers’ lives and daily business have gotten smarter with the support of our DevOps consultants. As we live our work life based on Agile principles we tend to always search for lean solutions and practices to ease our lives wherever possible.

Our DevOps team has vast experience with optimising and automating various solutions, processes, and set-ups, no matter the software vendors.

Selection of tools we use

This is why we take pride in our people

I am usually confident in my skills and knowledge, but the project I'm working on sometimes manages to challenge me. I started on it as a backend developer, and in the time I spent on it, I got a lot better at technologies that weren't my forte. I was able to hone my frontend knowledge and did a pretty serious migration to new infrastructure which got me much deeper into the DevOps field. Best of all, my teammates are awesome and we support each other through the challenges the project presents. One can feel themselves growing as a professional and as a person. We have two babies on the way for people on the team and everyone is very excited about that. It is not only the project that binds us together, but also the human side of our work. I think my friendship with my colleagues will last for a long time.

-Stefan, Software Development Team

I enjoy the freedom to work on a variety of problems and the daily challenges I face. The work is dynamic and brings a sense of progress. The technologies we use are interesting and flexible, and the best part is the people we get to create solutions with.

- Petya, Software Development Team

My favourite part of the project work is when I feel that I could advise the client not only with my technical expertise but also with the accumulated knowledge in the client's business area. I like how open and direct is the communication with all colleagues whether they are from It-economics or not.

- Mariya, Software Development Team

I feel great in the project. My colleagues are quite open and the technologies are new and interesting.
The colleagues - they are quite helpful and not rigid and the project. My colleagues and I take this very seriously high-quality code and we implement it with pride.
I find meaning in continuing to develop technically. All the time we are confronted with new and interesting problems.
Recognition comes from the client in the form of praise for the fast work, for the lack of errors, and for achieving what we set out to do.

- Ivan, Software Development Team

The projects I am working on at the moment are very challenging, interesting, and exciting for me because it allows me to work on many different topics, as well as reuse specific knowledge from one project into the other.
Seeing your work as part of a successful solution delivered to the client brings a lot of meaning to me.

- Kalin, Software Development Team

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    Smart, efficient, quality assured

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    Value adding solutions that help the client focus on key business

  • AFC and Compliance

    Regulatory and legal compliance by the book