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Smart Collaboration

Computergestützte Zusammenarbeit, Atlassian Tools und Services

Smart Collaboration

Wir fördern Team- und unternehmensübergreifende Zusammenarbeit sowie Wissensmanagement durch den Einsatz moderner Atlassian-Werkzeuge und ausgereifter Kommunikationsprozesse.

Atlassian Application Support

Collaboration at Scale

Atlassian Operations

Atlassian Training & Coaching

Unsere Atlassian-Services im Detail

Application Support

Lizenzberatung und -verkauf

Administration as a Service (1st & 2nd Level Support)

Weiterentwicklung (Konzeption, Konfiguration, Einführung)

Atlassian Health Checks

Collaboration at Scale

Rollout von Prozessen & Werkzeugen auf weitere Teams

Skalierung auf weitere Abteilungen, Niederlassungen, Länder

Intercompany Synergie- und Effizienzeffekte etablieren

Prozessoptimierung & -digitalisierung

Atlassian Operations

Managed Hosting

Managed Services

Zusammenführung von Instanzen & Cloud-Migrationen

Optimierung der Wartbarkeit & Performance

Training & Coaching

Anwendertraining für Einsteigende & Fortgeschrittene

Training und Coaching für die Administration

Fachlich-methodisches Collaboration Coaching

Ausgewählte Werkzeuge

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Wir bringen Ihre Teams und Aufgaben zusammen und sorgen für Zusammenarbeit


Machen Sie es Ihren Teams leicht, Informationen nachzuvollziehen


Atlassian-Collaboration-Tools verbessern die Zusammenarbeit Ihrer Teams und machen Abläufe sichtbar

Sprechen Sie mit unseren Expert:innen

Alexander Frattini

Alexander Frattini

Leiter Atlassian
Senior Executive

Alexander Frattini

Alexander Frattini

Leiter Atlassian
Senior Executive

Artikel zum Thema Atlassian und Collaboration

Life is about weighing what is important. The recent events reminded the world that the basic need is to feel safe. For some other people, family is of great importance. Many pursue happiness at work. And for us, at it-economics, the key value is to excel in a competent, honest, and supportive environment. And we know that not only because we built it this way. But also by asking our employees, via an external evaluator, how they are doing and if they feel satisfied with their current work situation....

Experts say it is normal for a person to make three career changes in their life. Living in a dynamic world, this number can even reach up to seven. A career change often comes with many worries and uncertainties, but also with many benefits. We step out of our comfort zone and learn, improve our standard of living, reduce stress, and improve relationships. We offer a few stories of motivation, perseverance and dedication of people transitioning into the IT industry. What were they, what was the reason for them, what are our colleagues doing now and what is satisfying them?...

You have just submitted your application and are curious about what happens next? Or maybe you’ve found an interesting job advertisement and would like to know which documents you need to submit and what to expect after your application? We have asked exactly these questions for you. Magdalena has been a recruiter in our office Sofia since 2019. In the blog post, she tells you how the application process works and gives you practical tips....