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AFC and Compliance

Regulatory and legal compliance by the book

AFC and Compliance

Based on the complexity and type of cases, our proficient Anti Financial Crime (AFC) team monitors, investigates, analyzes, and undertakes appropriate actions to prevent further suspicious activity on the client’s bank accounts. Our team performs in-depth investigations by looking at specific typologies of financial crimes, personal and professional backgrounds, and fraudulent patterns, and takes actions to keep people’s accounts safe and secured.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Anti-Fraud Management (AFM)

Our AFC and Compiance services in detail


Anti-Money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering

Transactional monitoring and rules application according to Terms and Conditions. Our AML team is successfully combatting financial crime or other illicit activity by monitoring and reporting various typologies and scenarios such as high-cash deposits, transactions to service providers recognized as Money laundering facilitators, transfers referencing crime, and where necessary, by applying other suitable measures to prevent money laundering.


Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer

During the account lifecycle, our Know Your Customer (KYC) helps verify the customer’s identity and makes sure they are no disreputable politically involved parties or criminals trying to open a bank account. If there is a suspicion of possible misleading information, further verification process and decision-making take place.


Anti-Fraud Management

Anti-Fraud Management

As anti-fraud analysts, our team performs investigations and monitors embargos on current and/or past transactions. We are investigating suspicious transactions combined with additional fraud red flag indicators, and our skilled team of specialists is able to suggest a decision to accept or reject a transaction, report the customer, and/or implement other appropriate safeguards.

Selection of tools we use

This is why we take pride in our people

Our project relates to actions to prevent fraud and other financial crimes in the banking sector. The field itself is quite dynamic, the quality requirements from the client and regulators are constantly increasing, but so are the relationships with the client and finding common ways to address the issues as a team - us as external support and expertise and the client's internal units. I would say that sometimes there is even a so-called ``positive`` stress that acts as a motivator, and when at the end of the day the work is done with quality or we have made a step forward in the search for a solution, I feel an inner satisfaction and confidence that we can tackle future challenges as well.

- Theodor, AFC and Compliance Team

I like the dynamics and the changes. You often don't know what to expect and I have to deal with different problems every day.

-Tsvetomira, AFC and Compliance Team

Given the banking regulations and requirements for the prevention of financial crime and money laundering, I believe that my contribution is significant because the efforts made help the Bank to build its name as a trusted source of banking services. I am satisfied with the work and effort put in because the Bank's regulatory and legal compliance objectives (the subject of our compliance activities) are achieved through our departments, where everyone contributes their work.

- Neda, AFC and Compiance Team

I feel good on my project, my colleagues are cool and it's a pleasure to work together. Whenever I need help, there is always someone to ask.

- Elitsa, AFC, and Compiance Team

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